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What are the characteristics of good questionnaire?

 Characteristics of a Good Questionnaire: Following are the characteristics of a good questionnaire:

1. Purpose: There should be a purpose in a good questionnaire. It must take into consideration the objective of the investigation and put it in the form of the questions and each question should relate to the objective so that the response obtained can be analysed and interpreted accordingly. Also the questionnaire must motivate the respondents to communicate the required information. It should have a well constructed covering letter that explains the purpose and the importance of the study.

2. Language: The language of the questionnaire should be concise and uniform and simple that can be grasp easily and the syntax should be clear and straightforward. The use of the technical language should be done with the people who are well versed with the technical terms used in the questionnaire. Proverbs and quotations should be avoided and the use of the words like bad, good, fair should not be done unless they are used for comparison on a rating scale.

3. Frame of Reference: Complex questions that require a lot of reasoning in number of steps should be avoided. The questions should be broken down into several components and if need be a series of questions should be included so as to uncover the degrees of intensity of feeling or conviction. The answers should be within the informational domain of the respondents.

4. Sequence of Questions: The ordering or the sequence of the questions should be done in a logical manner. The first question should be easiest one and should be interest generating. The sequence of questions should proceed from general to specific and from simple to complex.

5. Length of the Questionnaire: The questionnaire should not be longer than the required length. The questions should not be large or boring or else these will not be well answered by the respondents. It is advisable to have a separate questionnaire for the large number of questions.

6. Form of Response: The form of response can be different in the same questionnaire. Some responses like yes or no may not yield sufficient information on the subject under study. Thus, in that case the use of multiple-choice response is desirable. Questions that present multiple choices to the respondent are effective when the choices are few and easy to follow. 

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